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About Us

Increasing Access to Mental Health Care


Mental health services in the U.S. are insufficient despite more than half of Americans (56%) seeking help. Limited options and long waits are the norm, but there are some bright spots, with 76% of Americans now seeing mental health as important as physical health.

-National Counsel for Mental Wellbeing (2018

The Planted Brain, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit mental health agency. Our mission is to increase access to mental healthcare, for individuals from historically underserved cultural communities. We also seek to help decrease the stigma around engaging in mental health services, by providing sliding scale, pro-bono, non-traditional, culturally rooted somatic and nature-based psychotherapy.  


Increasing access to trauma-informed mental health services, nature and green spaces creates a return to safety, autonomy, and internal power. This is true especially for individuals and communities impacted by chronic and complex trauma, the stress of structural racism, and adverse childhood experiences.


Through the use of nature (plant workshops, planting and harvesting, and nature immersion), working with the elements (earth, air, fire, water), and incorporating somatic practices (breathe techniques, culturally affirming meditation, walking in nature, grounding/earthing) people can learn to reconnect to their physical body, regulate their nervous system, calm their mind, and come back to feelings of safety.

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